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Making Of

Hi there! In this section, from time to time, I’ll post images and videos about Shaolin Training development =)

Remember that this game was developed in 3 months, only by me, in my free time. As soon as possible I’ll deploy an update version of the game, and would love to hear what things you would like me to Add / change.

So, to open this page, I’ll show you a some screens of my game being done in Blender3d. For those that don’t know, Blender 3d, please take a look at http://www.blender.org/ , you will love it! 😉

As you can see, different from most very low poly modelling characters, I’ve decided to do also a High poly mesh, not only because I could generate a lot of data and textures based on this, but also because this way I’m already able to develop a High Definition version of the game, for iPad and new iPhone generations, using normal map and so on.

Hope you like it! Please, feel free to ask me anything about this process!

Have fun!
Fernando R.


8 Responses

  1. Hello, I saw the news about your game on BlenderNation. I have a question: did you programmed the game with the Apple SDK or with the SIO2 Engine?


  2. Great use of Blender to for the iphone. Can you explain how you go the output from Blender to the iphone please.

    • I’ve used unity 3d for this process. All the models are exported as .fbx files, and imported in unity. It’s an extremely simple process. After that and 3 months, thammm =) In fact there are many steps, but when things have been configured for the first time, it as easy as pressing an “build” buttin, and in 1 minute, it’s running on my iPod.

  3. WOW ! That’s a GREAT job 😮 !

    May I ask what were the difficulties you faced during and after the development (problems on making it work on an iPhone and conversion…)

    I enjoyed the screenshots 😀 Thanks 😀 !

    • I’ve been using unity3d for this game, and the biggest problem I’ve faced here in this game was performance. If you mix Physical simulation + Dynamic lighting, if you don’t have control over things, they will run pretty slow!
      As it was my first game, I’m very happy to see how many people liked it 🙂
      It’s funny to read a Japanese review in my game LOL

  4. Parabéns! Ótimo trabalho.. E é incrivel ter acompanhado seu trabalho desde o início !

    Sucesso garantido!

  5. Nice game, man! I’m sure you’re earning a bunch of money ^^

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